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Louis arrived in Afghanistan in 2002. He started Taimani Films 
in Kabul in 2007, working with a wide range of international television channels in Afghanistan and Central Asia at large.

Having a fascination for horseback riding, mountaineering and other outdoor activities, Louis explored Afghanistan in all directions. He crossed the country by horse in 2005 and played three years on Kabul´s buzkashi team, the national sport. In 2009, he organized the first Afghan ascent of Noshaq, the highest peak in Afghanistan, culminating at 24,580 feet. For the first time in history, two Afghans reached the roof of their country and held a national flag as a symbol of unity for their nation divided by ethnic tensions (www.noshaq.com).

He first met with the Kyrgyz of the Afghan Pamir in 2007, while 
he was guiding a group of tourists for a trek accross the Wakhan corridor.